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Enable powerful media & entertainment experiences

Meet and exceed the demands of your media & entertainment customers anywhere, anytime with datacentric IT architecture.


Architect around your data and unlock new opportunities.

To deal with the sheer mass of data your media & entertainment enterprise creates, you need an IT infrastructure that liberates data trapped in silos, interconnects efficiently, and deploys quickly.

Boost connectivity 

In this industry, needs change quickly, and your customers are everywhere. Connectivity is key.  


Enhance performance 

Swiftness, efficiency, and reliability are paramount in media & entertainment. In this industry, greater performance means greater value.  


Seamless scalability 

Events are constantly evolving. The ability to scale easily and quickly helps your media & entertainment business stay flexible and ready for what’s next.


The power of data in the media & entertainment industry

Data is one of the most critical focus areas for businesses in the media & entertainment industry. How it’s handled can help keep an enterprise ahead of the curve.

checkboxOur decentralized and datacentric Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) methodology helps you remove data silos, leverage efficient interconnection, and deploys easily and nimbly.
checkboxAccess our 1600+ networks to deliver your content at the edge, directly and securely.
checkboxReplicate your platforms on a global scale by deploying to multiple availability zones and establishing multi-region functionality through one provider.
checkboxDeliver your customers' current and future needs through a single, high-performing environment addressing compute, capacity, provisioning, and scalability.


Percentage of global media companies that recognize the need for a data center platform offering worldwide coverage and capacity. 

Source: 2022 Global Data Insights Survey