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Transform your data centers into connected communities

Interconnect and secure your critical infrastructure and data sets with the ServiceFabric™ product family.


Master your data.

Manage your infrastructure

Effective infrastructure management boosts performance and minimizes costly downtime. It also cuts time and stress. 

Scale confidently

Yesterday’s solutions aren’t enough for today. Scaling quickly and easily gives your business a competitive edge. 

Easily handle demanding workloads

The massive proliferation of data a modern business creates can work for you if you have a platform robust and intuitive enough to manage it. 

Enable revenue growth

With the ability to effectively analyze your data and find growth opportunities, your business is empowered to make data-driven decisions that drive revenue.


The Digital Realty Advantage

Boosted performance

Our ServiceFabric™ suite of on-demand services enhances performance by streamlining operations, improving resource usage, and enabling faster data processing.

Flexible and resilient

ServiceFabric's™ distributed systems help you detect, manage, and recover from unexpected events, increasing your overall resilience and availability.

Secure and compliant

ServiceFabric's™ distributed systems architecture and automated management capabilities amplify the security and reliability of your data and applications.

Confident connectivity

ServiceFabric™ unlocks seamless connectivity by interconnecting data centers and cloud providers through its distributed systems architecture.

Expert service

We pass the benefits of our nearly two decades of experience and expertise on to you. We are constantly innovating and improving to serve our clients.

Committed to sustainability

For the third consecutive year, we are the only ones in the industry to be named an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Explore the ServiceFabric™ product family 

Connect your data exchange centers easily using ServiceFabric™ at PlatformDIGITAL®, a platform delivering seamless, on-demand data center services. 


AI workflows made seamless

ServiceFabric™ transforms data centers into dynamic AI hubs, ensuring secure, efficient, and scalable infrastructure management. Explore how expansive connectivity and robust data handling empower your AI initiatives.



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