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HPE GreenLake and Digital Realty

Stay in control of your IT capital investments by choosing a colocation service powered by HPE GreenLake.


Unlock the Power of HPE GreenLake with our data center solutions.

Streamlined and hassle-free

Leverage our 300+ global data centers for seamless HPE GreenLake access with one agreement, contact, and invoice. We handle the data center facility management so you're free to focus on growing your business. 

Flexible costs

Tailor expenses to your needs and keep costs down with our pay-as-you-go, no up-front capital outlay pricing model. 

Accelerated Results

Experience faster time-to-business-value, enabling quicker realization of your investment and strategic objectives. 

Enhanced connectivity

Boost your hybrid IT strategy by leveraging cloud adjacency, ensuring optimized connectivity and efficient workload management. 

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The power of ONE

Protect and future-proof your critical IT assets with the HPE GreenLake cloud services portfolio. One agreement, one invoice, one contact from design to deployment. You maintain administrator control, all with the latest HPE benefits. No upfront investment is necessary. 


Percentage of enterprises that by 2025 that will have shut down their traditional data center. 

The combination of PlatformDIGITAL® and HPE GreenLake resolves four key business challenges: cost, efficiency, compliance, and time to market. 

checkboxBrings HPE services to your enterprise’s deployment
checkboxEnable hybrid cloud with HPE
checkboxMaintains compliance and sovereignty
checkboxIntegrate public/private data sources
checkboxDistribute business intelligence
checkboxLow latency to local data and end users
checkboxDirect enterprise network integration
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AI Innovation through our alliance with HPE GreenLake

Explore how the partnership between two industry leaders at the forefront of AI innovation is empowering organizations to harness the full potential of AI and data, driving digital transformation, and unlocking new opportunities.