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Build infrastructure foundations for AI success

Navigating the shift from digital to data economy, your AI initiatives demand more than cutting-edge technology—they need strategic foresight.


Solve the infrastructure design imperatives

Unlocking the benefits of being an AI-empowered organization means first addressing these essential infrastructure design needs.

Minimize latency

Speed is critical in today’s digital ecosystem. Reducing latency is essential for real-time analytics and responsive AI applications, giving you a competitive advantage and operational efficiency.

Mitigate risks

In an era of escalating cyber threats, safeguarding your digital assets and reputation is paramount. Effective risk management protects your integrity and builds trust.

Simplify complexity

As Hybrid IT environments evolve, simplifying complex systems is key to unlocking agility. Streamlined operations allow for faster innovation and adaptation.

Expand capacity

The dynamic nature of digital business demands flexible capacity. Scaling resources efficiently supports growth and optimizes costs.

Breakthrough to an AI-ready future

We understand the requirements of AI workloads and anticipated the need for modularity and bringing power density efficiently to the floor. Working closely with partners, we crafted a strategy anchored in four pivotal IT foundations, laid out in our new eBook, Are You Data and AI Ready?


Craft a seamless connectivity fabric and enable new workflows. Our network architecture reduces latency, unifies cloud to edge, and ensures efficient data flow across your digital landscape.


Establish a fortress for digital operations. Our comprehensive security framework offers global protection and secure control points and fortifies your data’s integrity.


Centralize your data prowess. Our solutions enhance your data exchange, unlock real-time insights, and secure data channels for unlocking new business vistas.


Amplify your processing power. Leverage our Hybrid IT architecture for scalable compute capabilities, enabling efficient analytics and transaction processing.

Your AI-ready infrastructure is here

Discover how the right IT infrastructure and data strategy can navigate the complexities of scaling and operationalizing AI, ensuring sustainable growth, efficiency, and agility for your enterprise.

1High-Density Colocation

Our High-Density Colocation is tailored for the exponential growth of data, enabling AI applications to run efficiently and effectively.

2Robust capacity

With high-performance power and cooling, our infrastructure is primed to handle the intense demands of AI, ensuring sustained and optimal performance.

3Lead with sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable energy and cooling methods not only benefits the environment but ensures regulatory compliance, saves money, and offers a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

4Partner with the best

From our strategic partnerships to our collaborations with industry leaders, we're always aligned with the best to help you develop and deploy complex AI models in a fraction of the time.

5A universe of connections

Our carrier-neutral, open platform approach ensures you have flexible and seamless connections, bridging gaps in a multi-cloud world with ServiceFabric™.

6A method to make it happen

Pervasive Datacenter Architecture (PDx®) is a patented methodology and approach covering how to implement, place, and connect your AI infrastructure in the places you do business.

We are only beginning to understand the myriad ways AI will disrupt business, but one thing is clear: to be on the right side of disruption, enterprises must embrace change and leverage it to their advantage.

Chris Sharp

Chief Technology Officer, Digital Realty

Your hybrid AI journey comes alive on PlatformDIGITAL®

Scale your AI efforts seamlessly across environments with PlatformDIGITAL® and a methodology proven to optimize data exchange. Secure, robust infrastructure for innovative AI solutions.

You aim to automate and enhance your software development lifecycles with AI, managing apps across multi-cloud and hybrid environments securely, efficiently, and with optimal uptime.

Our Colocation offerings provide a secure, dependable, and scalable environment with direct cloud access via ServiceFabric™, simplifying your AIOps deployment and boosting IT operations efficiency. You get the benefits of public clouds and the assurance of securely managing your data without compromising performance.

Managing AI workflows across multi-cloud environments requires seamless data integration and high-performance computing that doesn’t compromise on security. You need high-density compute power and advanced cooling solutions to achieve scalable, secure, and efficient operations across clouds.

Our High-Density Colocation and ServiceFabric™ optimize multi-cloud AI, ensuring secure, fast data access with low latency and robust throughput, all while maintaining top-tier security and cooling efficiency.

Reap the benefits of AI without compromising the security of your proprietary data. For private AI inference, you need a high-power density and cooling environment, along with secure, high-speed access to public cloud data.

Our High-Density Colocation solution ensures your HPC infrastructure is cooled and powered, while ServiceFabric™ unlocks swift, secure cloud access. Accelerate training cycles, own your AI outputs, and enhance data security. From a single cabinet to a full suite, our solutions ensure your AI initiatives are set for global scalability and efficiency.

AI training and inference across hybrid cloud environments means balancing scalability with high security and low latency. You want to enhance data retrieval and leverage Large Language Models (LLMs) effectively while maintaining data security and operational uptime.

Our solution weds the flexibility of public clouds with the security and performance of private infrastructure. High-Density Colocation and ServiceFabric™ ensure your AI workflows benefit from direct, secure cloud connections and optimal compute power.

Embrace the scalability of public clouds for AI, balancing the need for high-speed, secure access to cloud data and efficient use of LLMs.

From single cabinets to suites to entire data centers, our solutions deliver seamless, low-latency/high-bandwidth connections and robust security, ensuring compliance and enhanced performance. Leverage High-Density Colocation for optimized infrastructure and ServiceFabric™ for easy, dependable cloud access, simplifying your journey to AI-driven insights and innovation.

Global solutions for any use case

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