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The pinnacle of performance

From AI to Big Data, our High-Density Colocation solution redefines what is possible for high-performance computing (HPC). Our solution supports power, advanced cooling, security, compliance control requirements, and interconnectivity in a single suite.


Scale beyond limits with a turn-key infrastructure solution built for HPC.

High-throughput processing

You generate a massive amount of data. Moving it swiftly, directly, and efficiently into and out of HPC environments is paramount.

Energy-efficient infrastructure

Reducing overall costs starts with highly energy-efficient solutions. Lower your Power Usage Effectiveness(PUE) and minimize your total cost of ownership.

Low latency

AI training and similar latency-intensive tasks like real-time processing require lightning-fast responses to keep costs down (and customers happy).

Fast deployment

Now more than ever, time is money. Deploying a robust HPC environment quickly to stay ahead of the curve and meet critical timelines in key.

The High-Density Colocation data sheet

The Digital Realty difference

Seamless transfers

Our direct on-ramps ensure swift and efficient data movement. Your data moves with utmost ease, maximizing your HPC environment's utility.

Uber efficiency

This product features a cutting-edge liquid cooling solution, efficiently lowering your PUE and cutting your costs.

No-delay workloads

We provide direct connectivity to Cloud Service Providers, ensuring your AI training and other latency-sensitive tasks experience minimal delay and maximal performance.

Fast deployment

Deployment of our turn-key HPC environment is rapid around the globe. Solutions can be live in as little as 12 weeks from signature and scale easily to grow with you.

Power meets efficiency

With Air Assisted Liquid Cooling (AALC) and Direct Liquid Cooling (DLC), our High-Density Colocation solution solves your HPC ecosystem and power density challenges with peak efficiency.

150 kW

The amount of cooling per cabinet our High-Density Colocation solution can bring to support your HPC deployment.


Renewable coverage achieved for our U.S. colocation and European portfolios.


Energy efficient cooling technology with a resilient and fault-tolerant design.


Starting at just 30 kW per cabinet, this solution scales to multi-MW sizes and up to 150 kW per cabinet.


Our market-leading green credentials mean you balance your need for greater power density with your ESG commitments.


Secure, compliant space protects your business-critical data.


We offer close proximity to dense ecosystems via on-site service providers and access to many more through our PlatformDIGITAL® platform.


Pricing options create flexibility to meet most budgets.


Looking for AI-ready IT infrastructure?

Deploying power-intensive workflows like AI or machine learning? Here’s what IDC's Market Note says about our High-Density Colocation solution.


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