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From idea to execution, sustainability is fundamental to everything we do.


Partner with the leader in green data centers.

Save money

True efficiency means working and designing smarter, and it reduces costs. 


Shrink your

If a company can accomplish more with less, why wouldn’t they? Sustainability isn’t just right, it’s smart business.


Trust your
data center partner 

Certifications are the difference between talking points and real action. 


Why customers choose
our data centers

Lower costs

Our colocation services’ improved energy efficiency delivers reduced costs to our customers. 

Energy efficient

Our data centers use fewer materials and achieve greater energy efficiency, which results in a smaller environmental impact compared to similar facilities. 


We aim to certify all new construction and major redevelopment project to LEED Silver or equivalent standards. We have more than 12M square feet certified.

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We’re just
getting started

We have a track record of developing and operating data centers certified by LEED, BREEAM, and other standards. We aim for LEED-Silver minimum or equivalent for new developments and renovations.

$6 Billion

Cumulative green
bonds issued. 


Our global greenhouse
gas emissions
reduction target. 

1 GW+

MW renewable capacity.


US operating portfolio Energy Star-certified.

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How we do sustainability:

We use green building certifications to show that our data center developments are environmentally responsible and minimize negative impacts. Our goal is to certify all new developments and renovations according to recognized green building standards. 

Energy-efficient data centers reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs. We invest in our facilities to improve efficiency, reduce resource consumption, and pass savings onto our customers. 

We help customers meet their clean energy objectives by working with utility companies, developers, and producers to power our data centers with renewable resources. The U.S. EPA has recognized our efforts on this front, listing us as one of the top 100 largest buyers of renewable energy. 

Since 2015, we’ve used green bonds to ensure that sustainability is integral to our growth. Today, we are the leading insurer of green bonds in the industry. Our efforts have earned us an 7th place ranking on the U.S. EPA’s Top 30 Tech & Telecom List and 9th on their National Top 100 List. 


Sustainability spotlight:

Portland, Oregon

Deep in Portland's Silicon Forest, we’re pioneering sustainable data centers. Discover how our award-winning green initiatives, innovative PDX12 center, and collaboration with Schneider Electric redefine industry standards.


Powering the green data center

Our "Powering the Green Data Center" planning guide covers the importance of environmental responsibility for data centers and how to transition to clean energy.

Our ESG initiatives

We take our impact on the environment and our role as global citizens seriously. ESG is built into our culture and factors into every decision we make. But don’t just take out word for it. See for yourself why we are leaders in the industry.

Our ESG Report provides a comprehensive overview of our efforts and impact